Submissions to Issue 7 and the poetry contest are currently open until December 7th and 31st respectively. Categories to the magazine may close early as they fill up. Our Submittable-allotted monthly free submissions limit has been reached. You can still submit via the Tip Jar categories, or wait until December 1st when free submissions become available again. Be aware, though, that categories will be closed as we accept enough pieces from them.


We publish almost exclusively literary fiction, however, we’re open to anything, including the wildly experimental, if it’s extremely well-written and has some sense of depth. We’re interested in stories that grab and enthral and refuse to let go. We prize beautiful, unique prose but clarity is a must. The most important thing we can tell you is this: Stories, always, always, always, are about people. Everything else is secondary. Write the story you simply must write–the one that screams its way out of your fingers because it needs to be read.

We accept:

  • Up to two short stories of up to 5,000 words each or up to three flash fictions of up to 750 words each. No minimum word count.


We accept poems of all forms and styles, including the wildly experimental. We’re looking for musicality, economy of words, vividness, evoking of the senses, voice. Poems can be about anything at all, and of all shapes.

We accept:

  • Up to four poems of up to 60 lines each. No minimum line count.


We accept essays, on any topic, that convey passion and truth, be it personal or issue-focused. We want essays that bite.

We accept:

  • Up to two essays of up to 5,000 words each.

Visual Art

Visual art will be considered for the cover and internal pages. It can be anything at all in any medium, including photography, provided it is submitted as a high quality JPEG. Email your art to with an approx. 50-word artist bio.

We accept:

  • Up to twelve high-quality JPEG images.

Authors’ Rights and Payment

All submissions must be unpublished. We request First International Print Rights but rights revert back to the author the moment a piece is published with us. Please mention that your piece was published here first if submitting it elsewhere at a later date. Simultaneous submissions are fine, just let us know right away if accepted elsewhere.

We are unable to pay writers in cash at the present time because running a literary magazine is immensely difficult financially (help us out–buy an issue!), however, every contributor accepted for publication will receive a print copy of the magazine. We are extremely loyal to our contributors and love building supportive relationships with them in their careers.

We nominate our best contributors for The Pushcart PrizeBest of the Net, The Best Small Fictions and the Short Story of the Year Award.


There is no fee to submit to Into the Void, however, we strongly recommend you purchase and read an issue before submitting. (Yes, we know every journal says this but there’s good reason for that.) This would help us more than you know, because running a (print) literary magazine is expensive. Like, really. It’s only $5 CAD for a digital copy and you can pick up one here. Endless love to you if you do!

Want a bit more info on what we go for? Check out our Six Questions For interview.


    • Submissions are read blind; do not include any identifying information in your submission document, document title, or the title in the Submittable form.
    • You may submit up to two short stories, two nonfictional essays, three flash fictions, five poems, or twelve images. Please submit to only one category per reading period.
    • Please follow standard manuscript format. For prose, double-spaced Times New Roman in 12-point, poetry single-spaced (unless specific formatting required).
    • The deadline for submissions is December 7th, but categories may close early as they fill up.
    • Please follow us on Facebook, as the more followers we have, the bigger an audience you as a contributor will have upon acceptance. Facebook is where we will post all our updates and more.
    • You can generally expect to hear back from us within 4 weeks.
    • If withdrawing a single piece from a multiple-piece submission, please leave a note in Submittable rather than withdrawing the whole thing and resubmitting, because that uses up our monthly free submissions limit.
    • Contact us at if you have any questions, but do not email any writing submissions.

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