Pushcart Prize 2017 Nominees

  1. Wei Xiong for the short story, ‘Assemblage’ (Issue 1)
  2. Dominic Martin for the short story, ‘Soft in Mouth’ (Issue 1)
  3. Vincent Steed for the poem, ‘In Sepia’ (Issue 1)
  4. Brendan Quail for the poem, ‘The Colour of Skin’ (Issue 1)
  5. Ashley Inguanta for the poem, ‘Hollandia Farms’ (Issue 1)
  6. Kenneth Pobo for the poem, ‘For Those Who Can’t or Won’t Say It’ (Issue 2)

Best Small Fictions 2017 Nominees

  1. Laura Halpin for the prose-poem, ‘Solo’ (Issue 1)
  2. Cinthia Ritchie for the prose-poem, ‘Mary With P.M.S.’ (Issue 1)
  3. Lauren Bell for the flash fiction, ‘The Man With the Marshmallow Heart’ (Issue 1)
  4. Adam Gottschalk for the prose-poem, ‘Experiments on Breathing or One Morning in Hunan’ (Issue 1)
  5. Lynda Kirby for the prose-poem, ‘The Painting’ (Issue 1)