where the ocean


where the ocean. where the drowning. acute ischemia. where the ends of the branches of genealogical algae. two hundred years of family

cosmogony in a box of matches. refuge to the north. a cemetery of eucalyptus. attila’s horse. where the drowned. multiplication

of proteins. the brain a muscle. standards a muscle. where the hymn and where the guilt. reversed sight. debris of a shipwreck in a spiral

of dna. where the niches. reader and science. terror and science. the swamp an unmoving mirror. where the dictionary of silences. amniotic

fluid. textbooks. language of splinters. where the heroes and the other side of the skin. we here suspended. as if i also

you. where the maternal last name. buzzing of insects inside a test tube. the verb. the interpretation of dreams

of the dead. where all the others. beneath earth’s crust. white noise. where this epilogue for monsters ends

Helena Mariño b. Madrid (Spain), 1990, graduated in May, 2017 with an MFA in Spanish Creative Writing at the University of Iowa. Her poems have most recently appeared in ‘The American Journal of Poetry,’ ‘GFT press,’ ‘Ají Magazine,’ ‘The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review,’ and ‘El Coloquio de los Perros.’

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