they speak so as not to see me


we looked at the expensive dresses on calle arenal
like a staple on the muscles’ reverse side
inclined beside a primary organ

somethingPiiiiiiii despite everything
halfway between eugenic genetic desire and contemplation
of beautyPiiiiiiiii an aesthetic object soaked in diction or

the animal cell’s displayPiiiiiiii a learned instinct
the sixteen chromosomes that isolate us
from dogkind

but there were the dresses
shimmering rhinestones under the light
bulbs so white

the dresses skidding through a woman’s body
imitation without head or arms
satin or tulle around the plastic waist

the weight of a bride’s body
the idea of the weightless bride’s body

Helena Mariño b. Madrid (Spain), 1990, graduated in May, 2017 with an MFA in Spanish Creative Writing at the University of Iowa. Her poems have most recently appeared in ‘The American Journal of Poetry,’ ‘GFT press,’ ‘Ají Magazine,’ ‘The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review,’ and ‘El Coloquio de los Perros.’

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