Spotting Odysseus


He noticed someone had stuffed
money back in his wallet

as he drove past the no outlet sign
to the cul-de-sac

where he awoke. A dog barked
and he remembered

her dancing toward him
as he drooped in a vinyl chair

next to a pile of crumpled bills.
A red stage light

silhouetted her
undulating like a black flame

from New Babylon.
Behind her, a man scribbled

in a notebook. Maybe
inland a seaman still writhed

from ocean sirens
echoing in and out of the telling.

Joe Hess received his MA and MFA from Miami University and Ashland University, respectively. You can find his work in ‘*82 Review,’ ‘The Ekphrastic Review,’ ‘Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective,’ and in two anthologies released in 2017, one titled ‘Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands.’

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