An Unattainable Distance

An Unattainable Distance I
An Unattainable Distance I
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Michael Gatzke follows two divergent painting principles: the abstract, and the figurative (often through collage). Sometimes he uses installation elements. The resulting compositions can be understood as a field of tension between the spiritual and the physical. Both worlds can be connected to one another quite naturally. A balancing act between self-assurance and conscious control. Chaos and order.

Gatzke’s goal is to avoid the painterly caution. Often, during the development of his work, he is happy with accidents, or dead ends where it is impossible to continue. Then something must be painted or destroyed. The picture gets air and vacancies for new starts. Painting always proves to be the result of decisions. As a way to imagine solutions, he finds iconic photographs of people inspiring. These are mostly chosen with regard to the inherent mood and atmosphere rather than anything political.

Figurine and landscape are Gatzke’s current main themes, and exist side by side–image landscapes, increasingly complex, always with a narrative dimension. The picture space which keeps the eye in constant motion triumphs. His paintings are atmospheric, and breathe the conciliatory calm and boundlessness of a newly created small universe.

Gatzke’s aims to keep his works open, leaving the last step to the viewer. The puzzles must not be disbanded by the artist . . .

Michael Gatzke is an advanced student of fine arts at the Alanus Hochschule Alfter (Bonn) in the seventh semester, working on the boundary of painting and installation.

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