Madilyn de Leon

Madilyn de Leon

Interview with Madilyn de Leon, whose poem, ‘Love and Suffering,’ is in Issue Two.

Why do you write and what do you hope to achieve in doing it?

I have always been fascinated with literature at a very young age. Words transform to mean something more and become not just letters stringed together when I read poetry. The sensation it gave me was magical. I loved reading them and the way it made me feel. I did not start writing until about three years ago. Writing three lines in an app started it all for me. First it was to release emotions I don’t normally share with people but then it became like a self discovery for me. I knew deep down I always wanted to write, like those poets I so admired when I was younger. So I guess I have discovered my passion. That is why I write. Then someday maybe I shall see my name as an author of a poetry book.

What are the major themes found in your work?

My work is mostly micro poetry and short prose. Common themes would be love, heartache, nature, inspirations, motivations. Words that will touch and stir. I hope.

What influences and inspires you most?

Inspiration comes to me at random times. I would be taking a shower and then something just comes to mind and I start writing about it. Strong emotions fuel much of my writings too. It could be from joy or sadness. A memory, a song I just heard, something I read or watched. I also get inspired by the beauty of nature around me. I could never get enough of fall and falling leaves. You’ll notice that a lot in my poetry.

What book are you currently reading?

The most recent book that I have read was Mary Oliver’s A Thousand Mornings. I love how she captures so vividly the beauty of nature through her poems and connects it to human nature. I find this book to be a celebration of life. It is inspirational and humbling. A seemingly simple choice of words but definitely profound in their meanings.

What’s a piece you really like in Issue Two?

It is hard to choose just one but I particularly liked ‘Larae’ by C.C. Russell. (We share the same page ha!) I love brevity in poetry. A few choice words if perfectly placed and used in a poem create so much depth. And this is a perfect example. I say great micro poetry invokes all the senses and stirs the soul.

Any background info to your piece in Issue Two?

Who here among us has loved and not suffered in one way or another for it? Suffering and love are conjoined twins. One will not exist without the other. How can you say you love when you have not known how it is to ache while in love and or for love?

Where else can we find your work?

Prose has been my home for at least 8 months now. So if you would like to read and know more about Soulhearts, you will find me there.

What’s on the horizon for you with your writing/art?

Prose recently launched a bookstore and I will be putting up a collection of my poetry there. It was never my intention to get published when I started writing. It was more of a release from the rigors and mundane happenings of life. It became so rewarding after. I’ve met a lot of talented and encouraging writers/artists along the way and for people to say they are touched and inspired by my writings encouraged me. It made me believe in myself and realized that I can do this! I can write and touch souls along the way. Then this seemingly mundane writing thing I do had a greater purpose after all. Who knows? Maybe a book in print in the future could be seen if the stars align and the universe conspires.


You can find @Soulhearts on Prose, Twitter and Instagram.