Robert Okaji

Robert Okaji

Interview with Robert Okaji, whose poem, ‘Bottom, Falling,’ is in Issue Two.

What are the major themes found in your work?

Perception – how we see vs what actually is; the interconnectedness of the disparate; the need to question.

What influences and inspires you most?

The mundane, ongoing occurrences of daily life, because once you really examine them, you’ll discover the extraordinary – from the celestial navigation skills of dung beetles to the fascinating characteristics of the number nine – everything has its story.

What book are you currently reading?

Sherwin Bitsui’s Flood Song. A must read, a vital piece of the American poetry landscape – harsh, beautiful, eclectic.

Where else can we find your work?

My writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Posit, Otoliths, Boston Review, Platypus Press, Clade Song, Panoply, Eclectica, Origami Poetry Project, High Window, Split Rock Review, Poetry Breakfast, Prime Number Magazine, Steel Toe Review and elsewhere. And of course it may always be found at my blog, O at the Edges.

What’s on the horizon for you with your writing?

More writing, of course. I’ve three chapbooks seeking publishers, have a full-length book circulating, and am working on a second.

Got a quote you really like?

“The rational is merely one system among others.” – Roland Barthes

What song represents your writing process?


Find Robert at his blog O at the Edges.