Tamara Drazic

Tamara Drazic

Interview with Tamara Drazic, whose poem, ‘Pigeon’s Mating Dance,’ can be found in Issue One of Into The Void.

Why do you write, and what do you hope to achieve in doing it?

I write because I love being able to create people, places, stories, and whole lives that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Of course it isn’t always fun, and it can be incredibly draining, but I don’t know who I would be if I didn’t do it. I hope to make people feel something with my writing.

What are the major themes found in your work, and why?

Generally the themes in my work change with every piece; however, I do see two of them recurring in almost everything I write. One is feminism, and experiencing the world as a woman. The other is the concept of home, and the search for belonging. Both of these themes continue to show in my work as they are at the forefront of who I am. I am young a woman who is constantly self-analysing, and searching for my “place”, physically, socially, and internally.

Why is literature important?

I think there are so many different reasons why literature is important, but for me personally, it’s important because it deepens my experience of this world. There are so many constructs, ideas, philosophies, and even emotions that I would never have discovered without literature. It’s important because without it, I wouldn’t know anything about what it is to be human outside of my own experience. It would be like going through life with blinkers on.

Who are some of your favourite writers?

In no particular order,

– Haruki Murakami

– Vladimir Nabokov

– Donna Tartt (although I haven’t read “The Goldfinch”)

– David Sedaris

What book are you currently reading? How is it?

I’m currently reading “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World” by Haruki Murakami. It has two stories running through it, each as intriguing as the other. Murakami has this ability to draw you along even if nothing makes sense. The characters are like people I’ve met out and about, the villains are extremely likable, and a talking shadow is totally believable. I highly recommend it.

What’s your favourite piece in Issue One?

It was so difficult to choose just one piece, but I’m going to have to go with “Experiments on Breathing” by Adam Gottschalk.

Where is another place we can find your work?

You can find my poem, “The Plant Outside My Window”, in Issue #5 of “Grouch”.

What’s on the horizon for you with your writing? 

I am currently working on a novella which I hope to finish before the end of this year. As well as that, I hope to continue publishing my quarterly literary magazine, “Spinebind”, and working as a freelance editor.

You can find Tamara at her blog, The Drazic Diaries and Twitter @drazicdiaries, and you can find out more about her lit mag at spinebind.com.