Gert W. Knop

Gert W. Knop

Interview with Gert W. Knop, whose poem, ‘Darkness,’ can be found in Issue One of Into The Void.

I have been writing short stories and poems since my 16th birthday. Those first few were printed in a school magazine. I liked drawing from a very early age. Here is one of the first photos I took with a simple box (Agfa Clack) at the age of 9 of The Russian Church at Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany:
image (1)















The major themes in my work are nature and people, because I am fascinated by both.


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My former wife with her children in Pula, Croatia in 1983.









Some of my favourite writers and artists are Hemingway, Neruda, Kafka, Kipling, Camus, Stevenson and Chagall, Van Gogh, Turner, Feininger, Gaugin and Bernard Buffet.

There are two books I am currently reading: Das Ostjüdische Antlitz by Arnold Zweig and Ein Fest der Künste by Paul Cassierer. Both books are interesting to read.

My favourite piece in Issue One is ‘In Sepia’ by Vincent Steed.


You can find Gert’s books on Amazon.